Amazing Strange Rope Police – Vice Spider Vegas

Amazing Strange Rope Police – Vice Spider Vegas is a fantastic city simulator game which is playable on abcya free games. Are your ready for great anti criminal adventure? Be ready to rob, kill, shoot and fight all the criminals! Stealing auto cars, racing through streets, and shooting down gangsters. The 3D graphics in this game are immense, and the huge city you can explore is vast and full of surprises. Do you have enough guts to rise to the top of the criminal piles?

In this game at, you get to control a superhero that is like Spiderman. Make stunts on a bmx or find an ultimate F-90 tank or devastating battle helicopter. You have special real powers. You can shoot dangerous laser beam from your eyes. You can shoot a rope to a building and climb over the building to the top. Your legs also very powerful. Don't underestimate them. Don't mess with the police, they are the good ones. Have fun!

We also introduce players to similar driving games with this game such as Flappy Dragon Game. Choose one of them and finish it if you really love the shoooting game online. 

How to play:

Use the WASD or arrow keys to move

T to open nearby garage

Q to shoot web

Right click to laser

Left click to shoot or punch

Space bar to jump

Left shift to run

X to switch weapon

F to open car

R to open nearby shop

G to grenade

Z to switch grenade

C to switch vehicle camera

Garbage truck controls

Z to Pitchfork up

X to Pitchfork down

Q to Dump start

E to Dump end

Space bar to Lift container