Balcony Diving

Balcony Diving is an physics-based ragdoll arcade game which is playable on free games abcya online. If you are a fan of diving and water sports you will love Balcony Diving! The goal is to jump from a balcony and land safely in the pool while hitting as many bonuses as possible like floaters and other divers. Complete your dive with some wonderful tricks like flips and extended air-time! 

You are high up in your tower block apartment and want to get down to the pool beneath you – instead of climbing down the hundreds of stairs; you decide to launch yourself off of the balcony and perform a fantastic dive! In the pool below at, there is a range of objects such as a beach ball and a crocodile – hitting certain objects gives you a point bonus, but other objects can bounce you back up to your balcony so aim carefully! Each time you successfully land in the water you move up to a higher level of the apartment block and eventually dive from the roof! 

Share a game with other players. In addition, you can also participate in some similar games such as Puppet Soccer Challenge and Backflipper


Use the mouse to aim, release to jump