Barbie Fashion Expert

Barbie Fashion Expert is an online game that you can play on Barbie is a true fashion expert. And today she wants to expertise your fashion skills! A true expert in fashion must know stylish from tasteless, must be certain about what to wear for any occasion and able to give fashion advice to anyone.

That's a list of the basic fashion expert's skills. Would you like to know how good you are at those things? Then get this cool fashion game started and test your talent in princess fashion with the help of our expert, Princess Barbie! She will give you tasks and rate your results.

What dress should a princess wear for a royal ball? What hairstyle is most suitable for coronation ceremony? Which shoes would you recommend for attending princess high school? Find the correct answer to these and other questions and you'll become a pro in princess fashion! 

You definitely can’t wait to play this game several times because there are so many things to discover here. And you can’t explore them all with just a single play. Don't hesitate to play as many times as you want, then move to the new options as interesting as this one such as Girl And Her Pet and Twilight Sparkle Gave Birth Twins


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