Battle Royale Classic

Battle Royale Classic is a very interesting platform game which is playable on abcya best free online games. This is the classic form of the battle royal game mode that the world has come to love in recent years. You need to quickly search the guns to use against your opponents. Come and join the game. Have fun!

In the game at, you can choose your character and it takes time and patience to match other players. You will start the game unarmed, and you will need to quickly search the map for weapons to use against your opponents. The last man standing at the end of each game is crowned as the victor and the ultimate warrior. Utilize all of your abilities to do so including the melee button when enemies are near plus grenades that you can throw. Good luck!

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AD or left/right arrow to move

Space bar to jump

Left click to shoot

Right click to do a melee attack

Mouse middle button to throw a grenade