Bottle Shooting Game

Searching for a container shooting match-up? At that point Catapult Game is a definitive jug shooting match-up, you are searching for. Play Catapult Game, a fun and addictive jug shoot slingshot game that will give you long stretches of fun! Wreck to Earth bright jugs to break them, challenge your abilities and progress in different levels!

Your new most loved jug shoot and container breaking game! Thump DOWN THE BOTTLES TO EARTH With this simple to play and fun jug breaker launch game, you will have a great time testing your slingshot abilities!

Have a good time playing and breaking every one of the containers utilizing irate ball before you! CHALLENGE YOUR SKILLS IN DIFFERENT LEVELS Our Catapult game offers diverse moving levels for you to test your slingshot abilities. You will challenge yourself in 36 levels.

In each level of this jug game, you need to utilize your rationale to thump down every one of the jugs and you will advance in another much additional difficult levels in the event that you prevail to break every one of the jugs around there.

As you progress in this game, the game play turns out to be increasingly difficult, allowing you to turn into a definitive player. Game has 3 lovely universes Forest, Dessert and Snow with various climate topics.

Join your friends right now in the game to test your reflexes in the best way. It will be more fun and some other interesting game genres like Commando IGI Shooting Strike at Abcya games.