Brains .io

Brains io is hilarious zombie themed game on abcya new games. The goal is for the humans to hide and escape until time runs out. If you play as a human you just try and evade the zombie attacks and stay alive for as long as possible. 

You can hide in a building and use different objects to block the doors and stop the zombies approaching. When a player turns into a zombie, he automatically joins the zombie team, having to chase remaining humans. 

This game is a heap of fun and you will have hours of fun either surviving as a human, or trying to eat people’s flesh and turn them as a zombie! What makes this game even more fun is that you can join a game and start playing in a matter of seconds.

Our website always updates many new games, promising to bring different experiences for players to enjoy. You should know that you always find something suit your taste here. If you are puzzled MooMoo .io and Agario because there are so many choices, you can check out first. Have fun! 

Controls: Arrows / WASD = move, Mouse = rotate / grab / shoot