Cargo Drive

Cargo Drive is a fun and realistic transport game which is playable on abcya games for boys. Tlayers are in charge to deliver strange and dangerous cargos to the different locations. To pass to the net level, you have to drive safely through bumpy and uneven tracks and don't lose more than half the cargo. Follow a blue line on the map to get to the final destination and read instructions given you by the boss. 

You are given a set destination and you must get there on time, and without damaging or loosing any of the cargo! The roads are bumpy and the tracks are uneven and challenging. Here at, you must have fantastic driving skills to navigate through to make your delivery in one piece! Be sure to complete other side tasks as you progress and show your skill as a delivery driver!

The latest new games we updated in the same list with this game like Clean Road and Lego Mighty Micros. You will save them on the list of favorite games and participate when there is free time. 


Use the WASD or Arrow keys to drive the truck