Creepy Granny Scream: Scary Freddy

Creepy Granny Scream Scary Freddy is an intense and scary horror game which is playable on abcya games com. In the game, a killer is lurking, and he wants to find you as you have disturbed his peaceful night. You must try and escape from the evil killer that is lurking in the building. Have fun and good luck! 

You have exactly five nights to escape, therefore at, use your time wisely. You must look at your surroundings and solve a plethora of challenging puzzles to escape. The 3D graphics are cool, and the gameplay is intense! Can you escape from Freddy and free yourself from the house?

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Use the WASD or arrow keys to move

H to hide

E to interact

O to drop an object

LMB to shoot

C to crouch

D to escape from Bear Trap