Detective Story Crime Escape

Detective Story Crime Escape is an online game that you can play on abcya games for free.

This game is a kind of newly developed point and clicks puzzle game, which is exactly developed for the fans of escape game lovers. The players need to collect hidden objects in the process.

Your detective life started with your love for detective stories. You owned an incomplete book series of the detective brothers and you couldn't get tired of reading them again and again. Then in your mind, you would create your own detective stories where you were the detective and you had clients asking for your help. Your imaginations would be so detailed that you could really feel the thrill of your missions. Sometimes you would take time to write them all down. Other times they just disappear in your head after a while. But you always try to apply the tips and tricks you gathered from the books you read. Then one time, you saw a person walking out of a shop. It was then followed by some people panicking that something was missing. 

Out of all the people who left the shop, it was only that person who seemed to give off a strange vibe. So you stealthily followed the person just to make sure. And that was when you heard from his phone conversation what he had done. Your missions had gotten more complicated throughout the year and now you have to solve a murder.

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Hope you can join us and have fun! 


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