Fish Soccer

Football is a land game, and nevertheless, in our case, you will find yourself in a unique situation, because fish will become football players in the game Fish Soccer, and they, as you know, do not walk on land. Don't miss this unusual match and don't forget to invite a friend so you can fight on the water field. We have a gate, a real ball and a couple of large fish: red and blue, as well as a few small fish that are controlled by game bots. If you gag, they will quickly take advantage of the situation and score you a couple of goals, so try to intercept the ball from them and hit the opponent's goal. Above the heads of the fish it is written which player number they belong to.


Fish and football? This is a scene that you cannot even see in your dreams. An excellent game for those who love both! Moreover, you can play with a friend with the two player mode. There are also small fish with you. They are your helpers. Your fish are blue and orange in color. Which one will be your fish? Decide. Your aim is to throw the ball in the water to the opponent goal. Your own castle will be in the color of your own fish. 

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P1: Wasd Keys -- Bonus: Press T

P2 : Arrow Keys -- Bonus: Press P