Flags Quiz

Flags Quiz is an online game that you can play on https://abcya.live for free.

Do you know the flags of many countries? If you do, welcome to play the game. The game can test your knowledge world flags. Take this quiz to find out fun! For every country to choose the right logo, and try to score as many points.

Guess the country flags and maps with the best education quiz ever! Learn all the countries flags of the world!

"Flags Quiz" is a free game full of fun that consists on guessing the names of hundreds of countries flags from around the world. How many of world flags can you recognize?

Exercise your brain with LogosQuiz type games!

Invite your friends to play the game and do not forget to share the fun with them. And if you love this game, play some other similar games like Happy Halloween and Corsair Hidden Things

Have a great time! 

★ more than 170 country flags!
★ more than 170 country maps!
★ 9 levels!
★ helpful clues! Each logo has 4 hints! New hints are granted for correct guesses.
★ Swipe screen to switch between flags!
★ detailed statistics!
★ best players rating!
★ puzzles of varying difficulty!
★ frequent application updates!