Jasmine Lamp Makeover

Jasmine Lamp Makeover is a free girl game online at https://abcya.live/. You can play Jasmine Lamp Makeover in full-screen mode in your browser without any anoying ads.

I'm sure you already know everything there is to know about the beautiful princess Jasmine, from the story Aladdin. She is a lovely princess that lives together with her father in the most amazing castle ever. You would think that this is an ideal situation, but Jasmine thinks otherwise. For her, life at the castle is the most boring thing ever.

This is why she has made two new friends: Aladdin and the Genie in the lamp. The Genie is quite lazy, but beautiful Jasmine has thought about surprising him with a fantastic lamp makeover. After all, the place he lives in must be clean and pretty, right? What your assignment in this exciting house makeover game called Jasmine Lamp Makeover, you are going to have the assignment of helping Jasmine clean up Genie's lamp. Before you will be able to get started on the cleaning of the lamp, you will firstly have to obtain all your items from the Genie's lamp. Only afterwards you will get to the cleaning part itself.

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