Kingdom Survivor

Kingdom Survivor is an exciting combat survival game on ABCya live games. Hell is scary, there are demons everywhere, you have no place to run or hide, your only goal is to survive until death will end your suffering. Fight against hordes of enemies, destroy monsters, and finish the game as a lone survivor! You can't defeat your enemies without a great batch of weapons. Don't hesitate to start your adventure now!Hypnotized soldiers are attacking the whole kingdom and looking for you! Kingdom is in danger!

As an awakened magican on a mission to investigate this mysterious land, you have no choice but to destroy all your enemies to find out who hypnotized the people here! As a warrior with limitless potential, you and the other survivors will have to take up arms or cast magic and battle these hordes of sinister demons!The number of enemies is overwhelming you - any mistake can send you into the pan of fire!

Look for:Gun War Z2 and Impostor Survivor vs Zombies.

Instruction to play: Only mouse.


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