Penalty Shootout: Multi League

Penalty Shootout: Multi League is an amusing penalty games which is playable on abc ya games for free. Penalty shootout football game. Choose your favorite team, from 12 offered leagues, grab that trophy and become the hero. The stadium is full and everybody's eager to see who will win the dramatic penalty kicks show.

Participate in different fantasy leagues and prove your penalty skills! The competition has two parts - group and knockout phase. To qualify for the 1/8 finals, you need to be either 1st or 2nd in your group.

In the game at, you take turns as a penalty kicker and as a goalkeeper. When playing as a kicker, there are 3 moving indicators to adjust the ball's direction, height, and speed. While player as the keeper, you just need to click the target indicator on time. Can you write soccer history in Penalty Shootout: Multi League? 

In order to shoot, click anywhere to determine direction, height and strength of the shot. With combination of these, you can perform powerful kicks, but also gentle lob shots. In the role of goalkeeper, watch out for the target which will appear on your goal just before the opponent's kick, and tap on it.

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Use the mouse to stop the indicators and catch the ball