Rails and Stations


Hello, it's your new free game Rails and Stations! In this game you can discover the world around you, mine resources and products and build railroads. Collect wood, iron, sand, ytdanm? electricity and watermelons to sell them to the stations and get money. Cut down trees and mine iron to trade for rails for the railroad.

You'll be able to hire helpers to speed up resource gathering. Buy dynamite to clear the way for the trains. Expand your island to explore it and find new resources. Sell everything at different stations. We wish you an enjoyable time with this exciting game.

This game is sure to entertain you and help you learn a lot. Check this out and it is related to learning doesn’t mean it is boring. Have fun and enjoy other choices of games such as Mini Bubbles and Huggy Wuggy Pop It Jigsaw. Have fun playing Rails and Stations online and for free on abcya Live!


Mouse or touch to play this games.