Rainbow But Its Alphabet Lore

The game Rainbow But It's Alphabet Lore is based in a classroom where the teacher is a monster called the “alphabet boss. This is a survival game in which you get lost in a classroom ruled by alphabet monsters. You will transform into a letter character to join other characters in performing missions to escape the room. All letters of the alphabet can become a character for you to choose from! You can become a naughty P, a slow Q, or you can become a curious Y, always asking “Why?”

Don’t forget to spin the lucky wheel to get a free reward and log in to the game every day to get a daily reward. You can use coins that you earn from winning the match to unlock new skins for your character as well. By completing all the tasks, you also get rewarded. Good luck to you and have fun in other games such as Lof Math Shooter at abcya live. Stay tuned for new additions coming.

Game features:

Beautiful letter graphics: everything you see in this world will be letters of the alphabet.

Smooth controls: alphabet survival game will be very satisfying to experience. 


How to play:

- Use joystick to move your character

- Tap the "box" button to hide from the monsters in the alphabet

- Collect items to complete the mission

- Run as fast as possible! No more time for you

- Don't let the monsters catch you

- Cooperate with other players to get through the levels easier