Sakura Blade

Sakura Blade is an intense Stickman fighting game which is playable on abcya best free online games. You are an elite assassin and must use the sacred Sakura Blade to destroy your enemies. The enemies are slow moving immense giants that feed on humans. Using your jetpacks and sword, you must fly through the levels and kill all the giants. 

The gameplay is fast-paced, and you must have quick reactions. Attack the giants at their weak spot – the blue flame. Here at, ensure to avoid the red flames however as these will damage you. Some enemies can only be killed using your special move. Furthermore, you can collect Sakura symbols to heal your wounds. Finally, you can collect scrolls to recharge your jets and unlock your special move. This browser game has a great storyline and intense gameplay. Will you bring honor to your family and wield the Sakura Sword to victory?

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Left click to move and attack

Right click to charge secret move

Middle mouse button and X button to discharge secret move

R to reset