Silent House

Welcome to Silent house escape, a survival horror game, within a 3D tactile world.

This is the story is really scary prepare for a abcya game immersed in fear, with the graphics like fifth generation of consoles.

Your granny will not scare you, find death, escape from the zombie woman that stalks the house, run, run away, look for the objects that will help you to emerge victorious from the house. Just remember ... do not make noise

Try to escape in this graphic adventure without limits of fear, avoid finding yourself with the zombie woman, because if she catches you you will be paralyzed with fear.

Silent House is a scary game. When you wake up, you find that you are locked in a dark house, and you can only see about 3 meters around. There is something strange in this silent house. Please keep quiet, otherwise...

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How To Play Silent House: WASD for move, drag mouse for turn, drag mouse and WASD for slow and quiet walk.