StoryZoo Games is a collection of lovingly designed mini-games that invite you to learn through play, with several minigames exploring the world of StoryZoo. It features various edutainment games like memory, word games, picture puzzles, and more. This will help get kids acquainted with zoo and farm animals alike while learning words in a playful way.

Let animal friends guide you through the picture book-like levels. Click or tap on the board, the tiles and the magnifying glass to start different games about animals and the zoo. For example, you can play memory with animal motifs, guess and write words with the help of animals. Sometimes you also have to rotate a picture motif until it fits, or match the outline of an animal to a picture.

Players can choose to play games on the phone or computer with this game. Other new games are recommended for online gamers around the world like Impostor Survivor vs Zombies or Kingdom Survivor. Will you love them and want to participate?

Instruction to play:

Only mouse.