Super Simple Soccer


Super Simple Soccer as its name suggests is a fresh and easy to play soccer game on ABCya games. In this game, all you have to do is score more goals than the other team before the 90-second timer runs out. You need to win five matches in a row to lift the world cup.

The simplest version of a football match is waiting for you in Super Simple Soccer. However, this in no way prevents you from winning the Champion Cup after five matches. Each of them will last ninety seconds and the one who scores more goals will be the winner. There are two goalkeepers and two players on the field. The interface is minimalist. You control the blue square and the game bot controls the red one. Apparently that's why the game is called - Super Simple Soccer. Help your square player capture the white ball and deliver it to the opponent's goal. Goalkeepers act autonomously without your intervention.

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Instruction to play: Mouse