Trump Darts

Trump Darts is an online game that you can play on abcya for free.

In a country where democracy is developed, ridicule of the president or his entourage is a normal story. Nobody takes offense at this from the powers that be, on the contrary, they consider it additional advertising. The Trump Darts game is dedicated to current US President Trump. He was placed on a wooden circle and turned into a target. More precisely, the targets were placed along the contour of his body in different places, if you miss and accidentally fall into the presidential body, you lose. You will shoot darts as for playing darts.

In the game of Trump Darts, you need to throw the darts on the donuts. The donuts are placed on a rotary wheel. Click to throw the darts on the donuts. The nearer to the center of the donuts, the higher score you get. Don't touch Mr. Trump.

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Enjoy the game.


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