Zombie Reform


Zombie Reform is a 3D zombie shooter survival game on ABCya games. It is a game that has a level system, and the zombies get stronger at each level. There are 6 different maps, and these maps change every 12 levels. Before each level change, there is a "FULL BOSS" battle. All zombies are extremely powerful, and you have to destroy them to move to the new map.

Are you ready to create a Zombie Reform by shooting them all down, because when there are no longer zombies to eat humans alive, there will truly be a change in the world? We hope you are, because this is one of the best zombies shooting games online 3d we've had here recently, and you know this genre never misses, so don't miss shooting as well!

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How to play:

WASD = move

Left-click = shoot

Right-click = switch camera

U = Bazooka

R = reload

C = crouch 1 2 3 = switch weapons


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