Basket Puzzle

Basket Puzzle is a challenging sliding game at abc news. Move the ball and the basket on the board at the same time to dunk the ball properly. Finish the levels with 3 stars, collect coins to buy new balls! Plan your strategy and good luck!

A Flash-based, basketball-themed physics puzzler for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). When the game loads, click on the lightbulb ‘Play’ icon to reach the main menu screen, and click the red ‘Enter’ button. In each of the increasingly-challenging levels, your goal is simply to shoot the ball into the basket.

Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on the basketball, and drag in the direction you want to launch the ball. An arrow-shaped target marker appears. The further you drag the mouse cursor away from the ball, the more powerful the shot, as indicated by the increasing orange color within the target marker. Release the click to take the shot. Keep an eye on the numerical value of your ‘Angle’ and ‘Power’ as indicated at the bottom of the play area while aiming your shot.

Each time you score a basket, you move automatically to the next level, and score 1000 points toward your total. For each miss, 200 points are deducted from your overall total. To shoot again on a level, click on the ‘Reset’ button in the bottom right corner of the play area. Tip: In most levels, you will likely have to use the sides of play zone as extra "backboards" to bounce off of!

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