Gangsters is a cool pixel styled shooting online game which is playable on abcya hot games. You take control of a gang. The graphics are retro and pixelated but the gameplay is exciting, intense and bloody. You can use a myriad of different weapons such as pistols and machine guns to fight the rival gangs. Try to defend your turf against the rival gangs. 

The game has cool physics based gameplay and you must control all three members of your gang. In this game at, your mission is to control your squad of three funny stick figures and defeat the opposite team using different kinds of weapons. Make sure to pick up all the guns and pistols in the beginning of every round.

You only need two keys to control your fighters, one is to jump and the other one to shoot and stab enemies with a knife or a sword. Exciting and bloody gameplay with a lot of differnet locations, all this is waiting for you in the cool online game Gangsters! Play against computer or together with your friend in the 2 player mode. Can you conquer the other gangs and show who the real mafia boss is?

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To jump: Player 1: Use W & Play 2: Use to I 

To use the weapon: Play 1: Use E & Player 2: Use O