Idle Desert Life

Idle Desert Life is a fun building placement game on ABCya live. You need to create your own raft, save other survivors, form and expand your team, explore new continents, enjoy different customs, and rebuild city civilization. In this placement game, only 1% of the captains can complete the shipbuilding task, will you be one of them? Start an amazing desert adventure now!

The desert is one of the places on the planet where you don't want to live too much. There is no water, almost no plants, only sand everywhere. Terrible heat during the day, and hellish cold at night, well, not at all comfortable living conditions. However, it is here that the hero of the game Idle Desert Life decided to establish a settlement and asks you to help him. Buildings and structures can be built directly from sand by pressing it into strong sand blocks. A device for this already exists. Over time, you upgrade it, add auxiliary ones, and the desert will gradually begin to come to life. Accumulate blocks and place slabs on which everything will be built in Idle Desert Life.

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Instruction to play: Mouse!