Kogama Create Your House

Kogama Create Your House is an online Boy game. Kogama Create Your House is a kind of 3D adventure game, in which the players can realize their building dream. You can build everything and ride many vehicles.

In today's game, you'll be building your very own house, but your opponents can destroy it very easily. You can't let them do that, so use all you've got to stop them. Some items can be picked up only after you reach a specified level. You should also register, since that is the only way of saving your score after you disconnect from the game.

If you are looking for a game that is both entertaining and challenging, this one is the best choice for you along with Grand Action Simulator: New York Car Gang and Jurassic Dino Hunting

Hope you can gain pleasure and have fun at abcya games live!

How To Play Kogama Create Your House:

Play Mode: Arrow keys for movements, Space to jump, K to respawn, Left mouse button to shoot, V to drop the equipped weapon, E to use nearby object, Q to holster equipped weapon, Enter or T to show chat, ESC or M for menu, TAB to show players and change chat.

Edit Mode: Right mouse button for free fly mode. Shift to fly fast, Space or E to fly up, Left Ctrl or C to fly down, PgDn to move workplane down, PgUp to move workplane up, P to toggle between Play and Edit mode, 1 to edit cube, 2 to delete cube, 3 to paint cube, G to change grid snap size, F to toggle workplane, L to toggle show logic cubes, R to change cube material, I to open inventory, N to create new model, V to focus on selected object, Q to copy selected object.