Ski Ninja

Ski Ninja is a realistic snowboarding game which is playable on abcya games for kids! In the game, you are a ninja, skiing. There are a lot of obstacles in the process of skiing, and you have to avoid them. If you want to unlock new characters, collect gold COINS during the skiving process. Have fun!

The game has 4 cute ninja characters for you to choose: the Earth Ninja who is free for you to select, Fire Ninja which costs 1000 coins, Sky Ninja whose price is 3000, and Water Ninja who is unlocked with 4000 coins. Here at, try to collect as many coins as you can and avoid various obstacles along the way. Use the money that you earn to buy more power-ups and unlock ninja characters. Do not let the snow mountain and the thick snow fog stop you. Have fun! 

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AD or left/right arrow to move

Space bar to jump