Sort Photograph


Art Sort Photograph Puzzle is the perfect game for you! Piece together your creativity with this fun and addictive jigsaw puzzle game.

Complete the picture by replacing the pieces. Drag and drop to replace the pieces. Skins can be purchased with coins obtained by clearing the puzzle. Skins include backgrounds and picture frames.

The game board has blocks with numbers in it. Also there is a single "hole" that can be used for moving the blocks. The objective of the game is to order the numbers using the "hole" for temporary movement.

If you wonder which games to play in your spare time, you should check out this one. Simple but not boring, you may have to put some effort to beat each level. Master each move and play wisely to get the best result. Train your brain and have more fun by solving other puzzles in Santas Magic Christmas and The Mergest Kingdom. Have a great time!

Instruction to play: Mouse or touch.