Spinny Pistol

Spinny Pistol is an arcade game with all the standard features of Ketchapp games: pretty graphics, simple and addictive gameplay, and loads of unlockable content. You can explore other games at abcya online.

Spinny Pistol is a game where you shoot a rotating pistol set at the center of the screen with the aim of taking out all the targets. The targets move too, though, so it won't be easy to hit them.

To shoot your weapon just tap the screen. After each shot the recoil will make the gun spin faster in the opposite direction, so linking up shot after shot will get harder and harder. Plus if you run out of bullets the game screeches to a halt.

As you beat levels you can face 'bosses.' In these confrontations you'll face everyday objects that are obviously smaller than the targets, so it'll be even harder to hit them. You can also unlock new guns using the money you win after each round.

Simple but fun, this may what you want to find in a great game and there are many options like this on our site such as Moto Rush and Knock Rush.

Instructions: Use mouse to shoot