Hungry Shark

A hungry shark that wants to eat a lot of fish and gain weight, to be able to cross the oceans and not be hungry on it's way :) . Easy game, controls with mouse. Eat fish, avoid bombs (from level 5) and avoid poisonous fish!

This abcya game is a recently developed bloody shark attacking people game. In the playing process of this game, the player needs to act as a hungry shark to hunt the swimming people. If you like the shark, if you like hunting, if you do not fear of blood, you can have a try about this game!

We help players relax with new ways of playing and completing various challenges if you have free time. In particular, players also have the opportunity to choose a number of other new games such as Slices and Custom Gun Creator

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How To Play Hungry Shark:

use the arrow keys to move and the enter button to attack.