Squid Sniper Game

Detect and destroy players moving in green light-red light game using your sniper gun! When aiming, you have to make sure you hit the right player. You earn points for the correct player, but if you hit the wrong player, your points will decrease. Get the highest score at the end of the game and compete with your friends. Play Squid Game Sniper now and start the action!

The list of players' names on the right side will be updated constantly. Will your name show up on the top spots or not? Show your flexibility with other special games such as Christmas Match n Craft from this collection. Enjoy playing this game here at abcya Live!

Red arrows will indicate which characters have moved and which ones you must annihilate, use your telescopic sight to improve your visibility and make sure you hit the right player or you will be penalized. Get a high score for each player you annihilate and compete with dozens of friends from all over the world - let the battle begin!


Mouse lock/unlock = L,

Sniper moves = Mouse,

Zoom = Right click,

Fire = Left click,

Zoom in/out = Mouse Wheel