Xmas Match 3 Dare

Linear matching for items is all the rage here on our gaming collection for a winter holiday, especially in this ABCya new game of Xmas Match 3 Dare. If you are a fan of matching colorful gifts and getting all these lines removed for satisfaction, this matching 3 game based on turns will easily capture your attention. Your main goal is to clear out the given set of blocks as they show up on the screen.

Once you understand the rules and the basics of swapping the blocks, it's easier to clear the stages and create plenty of linear matches. The goal is to make sure that you pick and swap only the blocks that are in the lines of horizontal order or vertical order. More matches of similar items with an increasing number of objects will help you increase your total scores. How about a quick go-through in the in-game tutorial here before tackling the real game?

Let's see how the game can pan out and try to complete the most dares possible. There are 10 bonus turns available in total that you can utilize to create a new dare. Keep exploring the set of dares and grab the right items for matching. Thanks to highlights in gameplay, tons of recently updated design, and an elaborated storyline, kids have enjoyed matching gorgeous items in this game for a long time.

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Controlling keys:

Click and use the mouse to move the pieces.